BitSpread speaks to Opalesque, the premium alternative investment publication

BitSpread speaks to Opalesque, the premium alternative investment publication

27 October 2017

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Bailey McCann, Opalesque New York:
As the debate rages over the value and legitimacy of digital currencies, some firms are stepping in to institutionalize the market.

The firm works with exchanges that trade blockchain assets, vetting both the exchange providers and traders. For those that make it onto BitSpread's trusted partner list, the firm's technology can create notional value for the exchanges - providing liquidity and supporting risk management.

BitSpread was launched in 2014 by Cedric Jeanson, who was previously COO at Nomura.

For Jeanson, supporting the ecosystem of exchanges with liquidity is another step toward making digital currency viable for the full scope of financial services. "Right now, this is a market for currencies that are of the people," he notes. "We want to build the food chain from primary to secondary and do it with the most credible players in the space." That's a tall order in today's market, with the hype around bitcoin and other digital currencies hitting a fever pitch.

When asked about how he monitors all the new growth Jeanson laughs. "Everyone is talking about how they have a blockchain something now, but once you get even an inch below the surface, it's easy to find out who is really doing something and who is just talking," he says.

We also asked Jeanson what he makes of the contention from Jamie Dimon and others that bitcoin is a fraud. "Of course he's going to say that - people are going around JP Morgan and the other banks," Jeanson said. "If he's going to fire traders for bitcoin, send their resumes to me. We're hiring.

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