BitSpread speaks to Alphaweek: Making Alternative Investments more accessible for professional investors

BitSpread speaks to Alphaweek: Making Alternative Investments more accessible for professional investors

November 4, 2019

Alphaweek / November 4, 2019


(An excerpt from the original article)

BlockBerry's genesis came from BitSpread's own frustrations and challenges in onboarding institutional and high net worth professional investors to its products.

"In 2014/2015, there was a good opportunity in crypto assets arbitrage but no one had the means to get into it easily. There were two years of amazing returns that weren't really captured", said Cedric Jeanson, BitSpread Founder and CEO. "... We've built a platform where you can be like a sniper and snap up these opportunities quickly. Instead of getting access to only six months of the trade, you can get exposure to these opportunities for much longer."

Professional investors who make smaller investments - in the $100,000 to $1 million range - is a group that BlockBerry is particularly targeting.

"If you have $100k - $1 million and you're trying to find the investment funds available for subscription, good luck... With BlockBerry, you can register easily, and provided that you pass the AML/KYC process, you can subscribe and redeem at the click of a button."

BitSpread [which began life as a digital asset management company] naturally offers its own funds on BlockBerry but is opening up the platform to other alternate investment funds with a diverse range of strategies such as traditional hedge funds, credit funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds and infrastructure funds.

Tokenisation is another buzzword in digital assets, and BitSpread has built this functionality into BlockBerry as well. "We can tokenise any kind of asset using the blockchain technology to provide liquidity to the asset owner", said Jeanson. "With BlockBery, we've made a way to do both - invest and tokenise in one place."

"The secondary market - the tokenisation of funds - is something we're seeing good feedback on but access to a secondary market is not why people invest. People invest because they like the strategy. We want to make it easier for investment managers to manage their client roster, and for investors to subscribe and redeem so they can more effectively capture the available alpha."


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Alphaweek: BitSpread wants to make alternative investments more accessible to professional investors

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