Blockchain assets for 
professional investors

BitSpread Financial Solutions Ltd specialises in customised investments and hedging and financing solutions on blockchain assets for professional investors.

BitSpread Financial Solutions Ltd (FRN: 821401) is an Appointed Representative (AR) of Met Facilities LLP (FRN: 587084), which is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

Financial Solutions

BitSpread Financial Solutions

Investment Solutions

  • We work with professional clients such as family offices and asset managers seeking exposure to blockchain assets
  • We use our financial engineering expertise to tailor-make product exposure
  • We work in accordance with client risk appetite and investment objectives

Hedging Solutions

  • Volatility of crypto currencies can be a critical issue for crypto actors (e.g. ICOs or miners) along with running costs in traditional currencies
  • We assist those actors in hedging their exposure to the underlying blockchain asset
  • We offer bespoke hedging tailored for individual clients

Income Generation

  • We help clients to generate income from their blockchain assets
  • We offer several different ways to help achieve this
  • We work across both blockchain and traditional financial markets

Financing and Leverage

  • We help clients with blockchain assets with financing solutions in fiat currencies
  • We are also able to arrange bespoke solutions featuring financing and leverage
  • We work with both professional investors and institutions


  • BlockBerry is currently the only managed account platform for institutions in the blockchain asset space
  • The platform offers specialised, bespoke, managed account access to blockchain assets for institutions
  • It features a segregated portfolio structure which allows the managed account to be either self-managed or third-party managed

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