Blockchain asset trading strategies

BitSpread has launched a comprehensive range of blockchain asset trading strategies which are highly complementary and synergistic for investor portfolios.

Diverse and innovative

These diverse and innovative strategies offer both alpha and beta exposure to blockchain assets through discretionary and systematic formats and utilise BitSpread’s sophisticated proprietary trading technology and algorithms.

Asset Management

Market Neutral Liquidity

  • Our flagship strategy features market neutral exposure to blockchain assets
  • The strategy uses cross-market arbitrage exploiting spread differentials
  • It exploits volatility and is insulated from price appreciation and depreciation

Blockchain Wealth Active Growth

  • The first crypto convertible arbitrage strategy
  • We provide collateralized loans for ICO projects
  • Everything is done on an OTC basis

Blockchain Market Capitalisation Tracker

  • This strategy tracks the five biggest blockchain assets by market capitalisation
  • It is rebalanced monthly
  • It offers low fee access / exposure to blockchain asset market beta

Blockchain Airdrop Event Driven

  • This strategy exploits quantitative strategies on long / short directional movements
  • Strategy signals are based on momentum/reversion, machine learning and deep learning

Blockchain Big Data Prediction

  • This quantitative strategy uses big data expertise
  • It features highly sophisticated predictive modelling
  • This analysis allows us to anticipate and capitalise on market movements